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Industrial Storage Racks and Supplies

  B&B supplies quality industrial storage racks and storage shelving products, both new and used at affordable prices. We carry a very large inventory of used pallet racks, cantilever racks, and wire decks. We often acquire pallet racks from warehouse liquidations, so we always have pre-owned selections as an option to new.

 Call (616) 458-1800 and find out if we have what you are looking for. With new pallet racks, post-purchase, we offer installation services for all material handling storage systems. No matter where you are, we can help you determine which system is best for your needs and budget be it a pallet rack, cantilever, mezzanine, drive-thru, push back, or even a custom system.

  B&B strives to develop new and cost effective ways to install the system that is optimized to your company’s needs. We provide our customers with a full service offering that includes materials.

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●  Handling Consulting
●  Systems and Facility Design

●  Layout Drawings

●  Engineering and Seismic Calulations

●  Equipment Acquisition

●  OSHA Compliant Installation

●  Project Management Services

 Whether you are updating your existing facility, relocating it, or require a completely new materials handling system, we can provide the cutting edge technologies and solutions needed to keep you ahead of the competition. We are a distributor for many material handling manufacturers and carry a wide selection of new and used inventory. These manufacturers offer products that adhere to strict ANSI specifications using steel in various gauges depending on the applications.

 Their engineering and quality control staff insure that their shelving components meet their high expectations for quality and adhere to rigorous specifications. All products undergo multiple quality control check points to eliminate defects. Every product is finished with an oven cured powder coat paint system that provides a durable high luster finish. The paint finish is resistant to rust and corrosive materials. Many products are offered in varying finishes, colors, and textures.

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